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Graphic Design
Art Direction

My name is Thomas Fournier, I am a graphic designer and art director based in Paris, France. I studied graphic design at the ENSAAMA and graduated in 2015. I am currently working in different fields : logotype, poster, visual identity, printed matters, packaging but also webdesign, 3D rendering and motion design. I am open to any projects so don't hesitate to contact me. See you soon !

Carmignac [+]

Made with and for Matter of Fact.

Unreleased prints for the opening of the Carmignac contemporary art foundation in Porquerolles.

BHV Marais [+]

Made with and for Matter of Fact.

Visuals made for the Instagram of BHV Marais in Paris.

Chimex [+]

Developped by Marc Bellêtre (Pixel Parfait)

Print and Web 2018 Wishcard made for Chimex laboratories. The video is visible on this website but also on my Youtube channel. The wishcard is visible here.

420 Crew [+]

Custom lettering and printed matters for Antoine Omerin's diploma, a french photographer who is also a student at the ENSAD Paris.

The Matter [+]

Logo, visual identity and webdesign for The Matter, an ethical marketplace specialized in sustainable fashion founded by Olivia Chammas, Gabrielle Hervochon et Marie Intini-Wittmann.

Fondation EDF [+]

Made with and for Matter of Fact.

Advertising campain for the opening of the exhibition La Belle Vie Numérique at Fondation EDF. in Paris. The slideshow features both selected and unselected Prints.

Noise Festival [+]

Unselected submission for the visual identity of the Noise Festival 2017 in Montreuil. Poster and printed/digital matters.

TGAF [+]

Overhead projected poster and visual identity for TGAF's show at Le Klub in Paris on April 28th 2017.

Entomo [+]

Diploma project published
in "Étapes: 228 Écoles et Diplômes".

By 2050, livestock farms will no longer be able to feed the 9 billions of people living on this planet; Food alternatives must therefore be explored and edible insects happen to be the most interesting solution to meet this challenge. Insects are rich in protein, they reproduce very quickly, in large quantities and their rearing produces a smaller amount of greenhouse gases. But how could we promote edible insects among the western population? Communicating through a futuristic fiction would be an effective way to highlight its innovative properties... That's why I created Entomo , a fictional company specialized in edible insects breeding.

Étapes X Fotolia [+]

Project published on d’Étapes as part as the jury's selection.

Several posters made during two student contests curated by Etapes and Fotolia in 2016 and 2017.

Tea, for Pierre Hermé [+]

Chaire Colbert's winning project ,
with Miasarah Blandon.

Our goal was to upgrade the range of Pierre Hermé's teas. Tea is not the main activity of the brand so we had to bring quality to the product both in its discovery in shops and at home. Our goal was to showcase the universal rituals of tea. Pierre Hermé Paris is a brand that guarantees the quality of its products and their provenance. In the same way we chose to appeal to more valuable materials by combining glass with metal, which is the most appropriate material to keep tea. We also made reference to high gastronomy by using a glass bell in shop. The seller becomes an advisor by helping the customer choosing his favorite tea.

Internships [+]

These two books gather all the projects I had the chance to work on during my six months internship in Datagif and my three months internship in CLDesign. From the choice of the paper to the binding, to the cover design, these two editions present similarities identifying them as parts of a single collection.

Logotrip [+]

Project realised under Florent Guerlain's supervision, at Datagif.

I created some fictionnal logos for the parisian agency Datagif. These were applied on the entrance hall's wall when the agency moved to its new location. I also directed some 3D animations projected during a party threw by the agency to celebrate its moving.